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What is LoftSonic?

LoftSonic integrates the proven Novasonar flat-panel loudspeaker technology and product designs, where audio is an essential part, for example, media walls, media terminals, exhibition units, POI / POS displays etc..

The soundwave emission of LoftSonic equals the way vibrating soundbodies of acoustical instruments radiate their soundwaves in all directions.

The LoftSonic flat-panel loudspeaker transforms the frontage of a media unit into a soundbody, which is brought to vibration by electrical exciters.

Dynamically, space-filling sound waves, offering optimum sound
– you`ll be amazed how good it sounds!

LoftSonic is totally invisible!

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Mobile media wall with glass front

Wave pattern of a LoftSonic soundbody created by electrical exciters

Exciter in media housing

LoftSonic integrates flat-panel loudspeakers and your product design

Media unit with with stainless steel front

Multifunctional ceiling unit

Media wall with aluminium surface

Our service – we will find just the right customised solution for your product design

Individual consultation in all stages of planning and realisation

Special design and sample construction in the material you require

Individualised development

More than 20 years experience in loudspeaker manufacturing

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